Consequences of WA Theft & Fraud Crimes

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A conviction for a Washington Theft or Fraud crime can have serious long  term consequences in addition to jail time, probation, and fines that  you may not expect.

It is very important to speak with an experienced attorney before pleading guilty to any crime. 

An experience attorney can advise you  fully about what potential consequences you are facing and help you make  an informed decision about your case.

Consequences of Theft Crimes

Possible future problems:

  • Immigration.
  • Employment.
  • Housing.

If convicted of a Washington Theft or Fraud crime, the following are some possible problems you will have to deal with in  the future.

Immigration Consequences:

If you are not a United States Citizen, a conviction for a Washington theft or fraud crime can have significant immigration consequences -  including making you deportable or excludable from the United States.   This is true even if you are a legal permanent resident and have lived  in the United States for a very long time.

If you are not a U.S. citizen it is crucial that you speak with an  experienced attorney and advise them of your immigration status.  It is  common for us to consult with an immigration attorney when representing  clients who are not citizens to make sure we do not create unintended  immigration problems for our clients.

Impeachment Evidence:

Convictions for Washington theft or fraud cases would be considered "crimes of dishonestly" under the Rules of Evidence.

If  you were required to testify in a criminal or civil matter in the  future, such a conviction could be used by the opposing party to impeach  (discredit) your testimony.

Employment Problems:

Theft and fraud related crimes are taken very seriously by prospective  employers and could have a long term impact on your ability to find  work.

Criminal history information is becoming easier and easier to  find on the internet and more employers are using background checks to  screen potential employees than ever before.

If you are convicted of a crime relating to theft or embezzlement from  an employer, it may be a condition of your probation that you disclose  the conviction to any future or current employers.

Housing Problems:

It is common for Washington landlords to do a criminal background check on potential renters.

It is not against the law for a landlord to deny an application for housing based on a criminal conviction.

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